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Basic Features

  • Category : Chest

  • Net Volume : 297 lt

  • Εnergy Class: F

  • Basket Number: 1

  • Freezing Stars: 4

  • Colour: White

  • Dimencions cm (HxWxD): 84,75 x 111.4 x 63

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Model identifier: MB 352 DF
Supplier’s name or trademark: Winstar
Type of refrigerating appliance
Low-noise appliance (Yes/no) No
Wine storage appliance: (Yes/No)
Design type: (built-in/freestanding) Freestanding
Other refrigerating appliance: (Yes/No) Yes
Type of refrigerating appliance
Overall dimensions, height mm 847
Overall dimensions, width mm 1114
Overall dimensions, depth mm 630
EEI 125
Airborne Acoustical Noise emission (dB(A) re 1 pW) 41
Annual energy cons. kWh/a 289
“Minimum ambient temperature (°C), for which the
refrigerating appliance is suitable” 10
Winter setting: (Yes/No) No
Energy efficiency class F
Airborne acoustical noise emmission class (a) C
Climate class SN/N/ST/T
“Maximum ambient temperature (°C), for which the
refrigerating appliance is suitable” 43
Compartment parametres and value
Compartment type (Yes/No)
4-star Yes
“Compartment Volume
(dm3or l)” 297
“Recommended temperature
setting for optimised food
storage (°C)” -18
Freezing capacity (kg/24 h) 13,6
“Defrosting type
(auto/manual)” Manual
For 4-star compartments
Fast freezing facility (Yes/No) No
Minimum duration of the guarantee offered by the supplier, (month) 12


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